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There is a better way to work than being just another employee ID

Join us on an exciting ride

Are you one of those people that started realising that there is more to life than being just a “resource”? Did it ever cross your mind that you are actually just living a lifestyle – 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, an appraisal every year, may be a designation change once every 4 years. In a few years, you would have moved a few miles ahead, but you are basically still doing the same thing.

Well, it crossed our mind. That is why we decided to create a workplace where “human” part of “Human Resource” is valued more than the “resource” part. And with this ethos, we are expanding our London and Hyderabad teams. We have a wonderful team of people with great excitement and a greater expectation about the future of HCM Technology.

Over the next few years, artificial intelligence, blockchain and machine learning will be driving a lot of enterprise applications. Guess what? We already started the journey of implementing those technologies in the HCM space. And that is what we are working on – building our future on the best of cutting edge technology, using the best of practices. The potential to learn is limitless.

If that sounds like the place you want to work at, go ahead and browse through our list of openings. We are constantly growing and we only want the best. If you think you are the best, lets talk!