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Introducing Reganto

The future of your employee financial wellbeing

Reganto is a revolutionary way of taking care of your most valuable assets – your employees. Our groundbreaking new platform has changed the definition of digital payslips and employee pay data. It not only provides employees with access to their pay data, but will change what financial wellbeing could mean to them. Reganto is built on one of the worlds most advanced secured Blockchain networks – ensuring your employee pay data is protected by unrivalled and impregnable encryption.

Our Solutions

We have the expertise to manage all your HR and Payroll software needs and everything in between. We can take care of all your processes from recruitment, on-boarding, paying and managing benefits, training and development, to helping with retirement plans. A complete flexible approach to suit the needs of your organisation.

Pay Services

With our fully managed or outsourced payroll services, you can outsource your entire payroll to us, or we can work with you to transform your existing HR and payroll processes. We can manage everything from paying your staff, handling enquiries to detailed reporting and dealing with HMRC.


Payroll is changing. Our digital payslips provide employees with enhanced user experience. Our next generation of digital payslips allows you to do more than simply manage payroll. Digital payslips can help you streamline your payroll processes. They can reduce HR queries, provide a clear overview of your employee salaries and more.

Who we are

Since 1983, we have been providing industry leading HR, Payroll and T&A solutions to clients across the UK. Our mission statement remains the same since day one, to stay at the forefront of major technologies to empower our customers. Our 4th generation solutions herald us into the next generation of distributed Digital HR, as we keep our mission alive and strong.

Why choose us

Wealden’s new serverless applications have unique platform embracing blockchain, conversational UI/AI, iOT and other latest technologies. Our functionality rich platform with deep analytics helps you manage your people with ease and simplicity, from anywhere in the world, in a truly secure and automated way. We help you take care of your greatest asset, your people.

We make it happen

From the beginning, Wealden has had one single mission statement—to be at the forefront of major technologies that enable our customers to thrive. Our 4th generation of products and innovations continues our heritage into the next era of distributed Digital HR.

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